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Collaborated/Worked with:

Correlation One, US


March 2021 - Present

Machine Learning Researcher

Manchester, UK

Here, my research is focused on:

  • Few Shots Learning for Object Detection and Image Segmentation

  • Semi-Supervised approaches for 3D data

  • Unsupervised Image Classification

  • Anomaly Detection

Data Science Mentor

June 2022 - Present

United States, Canada, and UK (Remote)


  • AISTATS Grant 

  • Award for In-person registration waiver from IEEE / CVF Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR) 2022 

  • Travel Award from Women in Computer Vision (WICV) for Louisiana, US 

  • Registration Award from Thirty-ninth International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2022)  

NUI Galway, Ireland

Prof. Flavia Delicato (External Examiner)

Dr. Matthias Nickles (Internal Examiner)

Ph.D. Researcher

April 2016 - March 2021

Insight SFI Centre for Data Analytics Logo.jpg

Here, my research was focused on:

  • Weakly Supervised Learning

  • Object Detection Models (YOLO, SSD, RetinaNet)

  • Transfer Learning (Domain Adaptation) and Hyperparameter Tuning

  • Multimedia Event Processing

  • Internet of Multimedia Things (IoMT)

  • Publish Subscribe Paradigm

  •  PhD Fellowship by Science Foundation Ireland (2016 to 2021) 

  • NVIDIA GPU Grant for Titan Xp GPU by the Nvidia Corporation 2018 

Shikha Varshney

AMU, India

Lecturer (Computer Engineering Dept.)

June 2015 - April 2016

Taught and Lab In charge of following Courses:

  • CO 406, Compiler Design Course (1 semester)

  • CO315, Computer Graphics Course (1 semester)

  • CO191, Computer Programming Lab (2 semesters)

  • CO395, Colloquium (1 semester)

  • CO393, Software Lab (1 semester)

  • Registeration and Travel grant by AMU to attend ACM Conference ICTCS 2016 

  • Registeration and Travel grant by AMU to attend IEEE INDICON Conference 2016 

Training and Courses

Data Science & Machine Learning 
(Sept 2022 - Jan 2023)

Associated with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


  • Netflix Movie Recommendation                                      Link of Certificate 

  • Hotel Booking Cancellation Prediction                                 Link of Portfolio 

  • Pima Indians Diabetes Analysis

Lectures on topics: Foundations of Data Science, Statistics, Unstructured Data, Regression, Classification, Prediction, Deep Learning, Recommendation Systems, Networking and Graphical Models.
Tools and Libraries: Python, Pytorch, Pandas, SciPy 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (2021 -2022)


Certifications for Courses:

1. Applied Machine Learning: Foundations

2. Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Machine Learning

3. Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Neural Networks

4. Deep Learning: Image Recognition

Duration: ~2 hours (each) + Quiz + Excersises (in Python) 

Python (Programming Language) Assessment (Placed in top 15% of 4.0M people)

Deep Learning for Computer Vision (April 2017)

Associated with Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland


Summer School

Duration: 2 Days

Big Data (Feb 2017)

Associated with University of Bari, Italy


Winter School

Duration: 1 Week

C Programming Course (6 months)
Java Programming Course (6 months)

Associated with Aptech, India

Duration: 2010 - 2011



Prof. Edward Curry (PhD Supervisor)

NUI Galway, Ireland

2016 - 2021

College of Science and Engineering,

National University of Ireland (NUI)


Galway, Ireland

Thesis Title: Title: Detecting Seen/Unseen Concepts Online while Reducing Response Time with/without Bounding Boxes using Domain Adaptive Multimedia Event Processing

  • Fellowship by Science Foundation Ireland SFI (2016 to 2021) 

  • NVIDIA GPU Grant for Titan Xp GPU by the Nvidia Corporation 2018 

2013 - 2015

Computer Science and Engineering Department,

Zakir Husain College of Engineering and Technology (ZHCET), AMU

M.Tech (MS)

Aligarh, India

Dissertation Title: Title: Image Segmentation using Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making

Worked on:

  • Image Segmentation

  • Edge Detection

  • Ant Colony Optimization

Grade: GPA - 4/4 and CPI - 9.67/10

Rank 3 in Master's/M.Tech Batch

  • Scholarship from Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)

All India Rank 597 out of 115,425 candidates

2009 - 2013

Computer Science and Engineering Department,

Zakir Husain College of Engineering and Technology (ZHCET), AMU

B.Tech (BS)

Aligarh, India

Final year Project Title: Framework development and implementation of stereoscopic website

Worked on:

  • Stereoscopic Images

  • Depth Maps

  • MPO and Anaglyph Images

Grade: GPA - 4/4 and CPI - 9.11/10

Best Programmer Title in B.Tech Batch

  • Prestigious IDB Scholarship (till 4 years), Jeddah 

  • Sir Syed Scholarship (till 4 years) 


Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence

Deep Learning

Computer Vision

More Specifically:

Object Detection (YOLOv1,2,3,5; SSD; RetinaNet, Faster RCNN models)

Image Classification (MobileNet, ResNet, VGG, DarkNet)

Image Segmentation (Mask R-CNN, Watershed)

Few-Shot Learning (Re-PRI, Fsdet models)

 Weakly-Supervised (LSDA)

Semi-Supervised Learning (Mean-Teacher Approach)

Data Cleaning (cleanlab)

Edge Detection, Unsupervised Learning, Anomaly Detection

Other Areas Worked on:

Internet of Multimedia Things (IoMT)

Publish Subscribe Paradigm

Multimedia Event Processing (MEP)

Complex Event Processing

Fuzzy Logic

Swarm Intelligence

Technical skillset

Languages: Python, C, Java, Linux Shell Scripting, HTML, Assembly Language

Frameworks/Libraries: Keras, Pytorch, TensorFlow, CUDA, cuDNN, OpenCV, POSIX, Scikit-learn

Tools: LaTeX, Esper, Apache ActiveMQ, MATLAB

Platforms: Ubuntu Linux 12.04, 16.04, 20.04; Windows XP, 7, 8, 10

Hardware: Nvidia Titan Xp GPU, NVIDIA Jetson TX2


English (proficient)

Hindi (native)

Urdu (native)

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